Vicentiu RADULESCU Researcher Director
Nicolae CONSTANTINESCU Researcher Study the development of models based on classes of functions defined over elliptic curves space. Study at the boundary of non-supersingular elliptic equations models. Applications in cryptography
Massimiliano FERRARA Researcher Mathematical models in economics. The study of nonlinear systems in economic-financial analysis of European Community countries and emerging countries
Marius GHERGU Researcher Nonlinear partial differential equations of elliptic and parabolic type. Harmonic functions and classical potential theory
Radu PRECUP Researcher Nonlinear Analysis, Differential Equations, PDE
Dusan REPOVS Researcher Topology, Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis
Mirel COSULSCHI Researcher Information retrieval from semistructured data (link analysis, clustering algorithms)
Mihai GABROVEANU Researcher Data Mining Algorithms and Models
Oana TICLEANU PostDoc Research Assistant PhD Nonlinear processes over non-supersingular elliptic curves with applications in cryptography
Alin GOLUMBEANU PhD St. Configuring virtual computing systems. Implementing mathematical models in variational computing systems. PCoIP network maintenance.
Nicolae TELECHI Masterand Implementing the automatic calculation portal for the mathematical models developed in the research projects
Viorel PORUMBESCU Masterand Implementing cryptographic algorithms on Macintosh systems
Alexandru FIRTULESCU Student Mobile applications development for remote access of cryptographic systems
Cristiana CONSTANTINESCU Student Cryptographic Application Development on Macintosh systems
Daniel FERECATU Student Mobile applications development for remote access of cryptographic systems



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University of Craiova

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