Data Room


The Data Room is composed of multiple high performance computing systems which totalize 16 Intel Xeon processors, 94 cores, 24 TB storage capacity, 360 GB of ECC RAM memory. The Data Room is located in the central building of University of Craiova, room 240B.

The Data Room can offer individual resources or clusters of computing systems from multiple resources interconnected into a cloud type system, which allows to create multiple computing systems from the allocated resources or centralize all the resources into a single high performance server. Thereby obtaining virtualization services, PCoIP, computing servers or individual workstations for implementing the mathematical models of researchers from University of Craiova to allow them to conduct their academic or research activities.

The entire structure was created with the funds from the research contracts and sponsorships, until the completion of the contracts it is used as contracted with UEFISCDI-CNCS, following their completion the Data Room can provide resources for creating virtual machines in a secure environment of communication and data storage, also it can provide computing power for researchers in their projects, for internal and external collaborators and staff from the University of Craiova that conduct research activities. In this respect, requests can be submitted for resource allocation and depending on system load the requested resources will be offered to those who are involved in research contracts.

Access to the resources

To benefit from the Data Room resources a necessity form will be submitted at room 221. The form can be downloaded from here.



Str. A. I. Cuza, No. 13, Postcode 200585

Room 221

University of Craiova

Craiova, Dolj, Romania